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Getting Started




First start by drawing the room on a regular sheet of paper. Label each wall (Wall 1 , Wall 2). Measure the length of each wall and indicate the dimension next to the wall. For example, Wall 2: 18'-12".


After you have determined the length of each wall, go wall by wall and indicate doors, windows or closets. Measure the width and length of each one and draw on the plan. Measure the height of the room. If sending in multiple rooms, please use one sheet of paper per room. Be sure to label each room. Please scan the plan and email here. 




We prefer large shots of the entire room to really see the space. Photos are best if taken during the day time without the flash on. Please make sure to shoot the room from various angles. Please send no more than 10 photos. Click here to send photos

how to measure a space

Example of what to send

bright image clear image

Example of what not to send

dark image no quality
dark image bad quality



Please fill out our e-design form so we can learn more about you and the space. 

E-Design Questionnaire


Next Step

Once we have received your floor plan, photos and form, our team will determine the size and room definition that best identifies your space. Click here to see our e-design price sheet


We will then create an invoice for the cost of e-designing your space and email this to you along with a credit card authorization form. We will also ask that you review our e-design terms and return a signed copy to us a this time. 


Once we have processed your card we will begin work on your space. We ask for a maximum of 10 business days from date of purchase to complete the design. If you need something sooner, please indicate this on your form, through email or by calling us at (210) 694-2340.



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