Types of Design Services



{ Consultation }

Our consultation service is offered at an hourly rate and can include any service you may need. Whether it be selecting paint colors or designing window treatments, our consultation time is billed at an hourly rate of $145.00.  Whether you need guidance in choosing a granite slab or accompanying you on local shopping trips, this option is great for any scale project. 


{ Cost Plus }
Cost Plus is a great option for clients needing to purchase several items like custom furniture and lighting. In lieu of charging a full priced rate, there is an initial design fee based on the scope of the project and a cost plus formula utilized for items purchased through our wholesale manufacturing sources. For example, a sofa costs $1000.00 wholesale, the client would be billed the cost ($1000.00) plus a percentage of 20% to cover cost plus design time.

{ E Design }
This is a great budget friendly option for clients that need some assistance in creating an overall style and palette but that would prefer to do the bulk of sourcing on their own. You send us photos, measurements and fill out a questionnaire about the space. We create a design with paint colors, furniture selections, accessories and a scaled floor plan. We also create a mapped out plan of where to purchase items within your budget.  Pricing begins at $500.00 based on room size. Click here to learn more.


{Custom Concierge}
The Complete Custom Concierge path is a great service for clients that may need a variety of services.
This option allows the client and designer to create a work strategy that fits in with their project, scope and time requirements.
We create and provide a custom design plan utilizing a variety of services ranging from consultation time to the cost plus method.  

All types of design services provided will be on a contract basis.