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E-Design Q & A

What is E-Design?

E-Design is virtual interior design. You send us room dimensions, photos and a budget and in turn we provide a detailed design plan crafted by one of our professional interior designers. The design plan includes a dimensioned floor plan, a 3D rendering of the room, and product specifications outlining where to buy each item, including the item's finish and dimensions. 


How is it different from hiring an interior designer?

E-Design is different in several ways.  You can avoid making costly mistakes that occur when you're not working with a designer and have no professional direction. You will be buying the items yourself, versus a designer purchasing things and installing them for you. With E-Design, you will manage and hire (or DIY) certain trades for tasks such as painting an accent wall (whereas a designer would contract and manage this portion of the design through traditional interior design services). Instead of paying an hourly rate for a designer, E-Design is the affordable option that offers a beautifully designed room at a significantly discounted rate. 


What do I send you?

  • Questionnaire ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Links to any site you frequently save photos to (Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, Etc)

  • Dimensions of room(s) 

  • Photos of room(s)

  • Budget


What do I get?

  • A dimensioned floor plan (each item will be labeled)

  • A product key (photos of each item, information of where to purchase them and any finish of fabric selection needed)

  • Product Specification Sheet - explaining where to purchase each item, the finish and size. 


















How much does it cost?

Living Room: $950
Bedroom: $950
Den / Family Room: $950
Kitchen: $800
Dining Room: $950
Office: $800
Bathroom: $500
Hallway: $500
Entry Way: $650


Package Deal 
Living Room / Dining Room: $1500
Bedroom/ Bathroom: $1200
Kitchen / Breakfast area: $1200
** online prices are subject to change without prior notice


Payment is due in full upon agreement of E-Design Services. E-Floor Plans, Product Key and Specification sheets will not be submitted until all fees have been paid. All E-Designs are non refundable. If any extra phone calls, e-mails, local house visits, or information is needed, an extra $100/hour charge will be added to your total.

Who purchases the item you select?

You do. The whole premise of E-Design is you, the client, will be purchasing the items directly and at your own pace. We select vendors with stellar reputations that we have used before. We are not responsible for vendors business practices. 

What if I don't like something?

We offer 2 rounds of revisions that equate to no more than 20% of the original design.

Example:  Master Bedroom Original Design to include

  • Space plan

  • Bed

  • Duvet

  • Decorative Pillows

  • Bench

  • Art work

  • Night stands

  • Lamps

  • Flooring

  • Rug

  • Paint Colors

  • Drapery Hardware

  • Drapery Panels

  • Accessories

Revisions not to exceed 20% - We will re-select the following items based on client feedback:

  • Rug

  • Alternate paint color

  • Different Lamps


You are paying for a designer's time. We provide several portfolio images of our work to depict our unique design style and welcome any questions you have. However, E-Design is a custom service and is not refundable.  Much like you would pay for an attorney, regardless of if you agree with the legal advice given. 

Will the things you select be in my budget?

Absolutely. Our goal is to provide a great affordable design. We will stay within the parameters of your budget and only show you selections that are plausible. If you want to spend $6000.00 on a home office we won't show you a $3000.00 piece of art and expect the budget to be in budget. Please keep in mind freight charges on shipping items and plan your budget accordingly. An average range is 15% of merchandise cost. We will provide you a budget sheet to show ranges for the room you are working on so you are able to provide a workable budget. 



Sofa Range $700.00 - $2500.00

As much as we would like to find a sofa for $300.00, experience tells us that is just not possible. Just like cars or clothes, furniture has ranges that weaken and increase style and quality. 


How much should I budget?

When you are determining a budget, 3 things need to be considered. 

  1. Size of room

  2. Existing items and finishes (are we ripping out cabinetry in a dated kitchen from the 60's? Or updating a child's room from elementary to tween?)

  3. The look and style you are aiming for. Do you want a relaxed casual family room with minimal accessories? Or a formal dining room complete with crystal chandelier and exaggerated drapery? A budget can vary from one design style to another, especially considering the current state of the space. 


How long does it take?

          You can expect a PDF design booklet emailed 10 business days or less after you have ordered and paid for an E-Designed room.

A time frame for revisions will be quoted on a case by case basis. 






office layout
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