Trade Program

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Furniture & Accessories 

Trade Partners 

We welcome other designers to utilize our showroom and meet with clients in the studio.


Designers that are registered may utilize our showroom resources (including manufacturer catalogs, fabric books / samples, flooring and tile samples) as well as check out these items for client presentations.


Designers are welcome to place orders through our trade accounts and allow our staff to coordinate stock checks, lead times and accept deliveries.


Trade partners will receive exclusive trade quotes not available to the public, as well as showroom retail product discounts.


To register please fax us a copy of a business card and Texas Tax ID certificate to 210-697-3883. 

Designs and Details Ethics Policy

We prohibit our staff from soliciting or enticing customers. We do not pursue other designer's clients. We ask that a non-compete between our company and you is kept on file for each client so that you are free to utilize our showroom without fear of solicitation. 


All correspondence from our company is only done through you exclusively.  We will not give out any information in regards to lead times, pricing, sources or fees directly to a client. All written correspondence including but not limited to billing, quotes, purchase orders, images, emails or faxes will only be sent to you exclusively. We will not discuss any of these issues with clients directly.